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Wild Boar & Thrush Hunting in Tunisia

Tunisia is a beautiful country to visit. There is plenty to do and see while you are there. If you love historical places, you may wish to visit the Baths of Antoninus, Santa Maria Maggiore, or Medina of Tunis. Maybe you will decide to see the Byrsia Ruins or go see the beautiful blue waters at Blue Lagoon. Or perhaps you will go on a hunting excursion.

If you are going hunting in Tunisia, it can only mean one thing-hunting wild boars. Many individuals in Tunisia share a passion for hunting. If you are on a hunting trip here, you will be sure to meet some friendly hunters who can offer you some great advice.


Wild Boar Hunting

When hunting wild boars, there are a few things that are essential to know. Stay with us to learn all about hunting in Tunisia.

Hunting in Tunisia provides a beautiful experience. Imagine feeling your heart beating fast, waiting for the prey to come. You are surrounded by gorgeous Mediterranean nature or in the Sahara outskirts.

One important element when hunting in Tunisia is that you can only use shotguns. No other method will be allowed. If you need slugs for your shotgun, there are plenty of shops nearby where you can purchase some from.

Wild boars will be herded towards the hunters when they are in Tunisia. The hunter will hide, and experienced herders will herd the wild boars to them. Once the boars are within shot range, a shot can be made. The boars should not see the hunters, or else they will run away. These wild animals have excellent eyesight.

Boar hunting in Tunisia can be completed in two different hunting periods. In the desert, the hunting season is from October 2 until the end of April. In the North and Center, hunting is permitted from October 2 until the end of January.


Wild Boar Hunting Companies in Tunisia

If wild boar hunting in Tunisia is something you would be interested in, you are in luck. There are various wild boar hunting companies that will assist you in your hunt. This is highly recommended to have the best experience. If you have never been hunting for wild boars before, you should know that it can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. These excursions with the hunting company will offer everything you need from the guide to a hotel room. With many of these companies, food will also be included in the package. You will also have to pay fees to the government for killing said prey.

When you book with a wild boar hunting company, you will stay in a 3 or 5-star hotel based on where your hunting area is located. Each room will be a double bed.

You will need a valid passport when you book with the boar hunting company. It should not expire for at least 6 months from when you are booking. You will also need a valid hunting permit. Only one weapon per authorized user will be allowed. You will be responsible for bringing your own weapon to the site. Rifles and semi-automatic rifles are the only weapons allowed, with a 3-shot maximum.

Packages for a wild boar hunting company will include the following:

  • All slaughter taxes with no shooting restrictions
  • Administrative costs
  • Airport assistance for customs formalities on arrival and departure
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Tunisian insurance company
  • Tunisian hunting permit
  • Authorization to introduce weapons
  • A professional guide, beaters, and a dog
  • Full board for 6 nights in a double room
  • Travel to the hunting grounds in 4X4
  • All drinks (water, soft drinks) with your meals

Thrush Hunting

Thee same companies that offer wild boar hunts offer Thrush hunting, as this is also a popular activity in Tunisia. The Olive groves are a beautiful place to find them.  This type of hunting can only be done on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you are found to be hunting Thrush at any other time, you will be in violation of federal law.

Thrush hunting does not have the limits that boar hunting does, so a hunter could wind up with many Thrush. However, the hunter must keep in mind the restrictions there are around Thrush hunting, as if any violations are made, a fine will be imposed.

A wild boar hunting company offers many benefits when booking with them. One of the biggest advantages is discovering exotic and beautiful territories. Tabarka is in a great location, situated between the sea and mountains. Hammamet is a charming place for those that love nature while Tunis is full of things to do for those that love getting the most out of their vacations. If you have always wanted to see the Atlas Mountains, visit El Kef while seeing the historic Ottoman fortress.

Wrap Up

Many individuals travel to Tunisia to hunt both wild boar and thrush. If you are interested in participating in this hunting, it is imperative to find a company that will assist you. Should this be something you are interested in doing, do not delay! Contact the company today.


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