Top 10 Hotels in Monastir, Tunisia

Venture into any travel agent shop and you will soon see that Monastir, is one of the most sought after short-haul destinations.

It has managed to attract huge numbers of tourists spending holidays in Tunisia, whilst still managing to retain the traditional appeal that made it desirable in the first place.

Considering its appeal, it won’t come as any surprise to read that there are countless hotels to stay at in Monastir. To give you an idea on some of the best in the area, we’ll now take a look at our favourite ten.

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Pictures are courtesy of TripAdvisor.


Garden Beach Hotel, Monastir

Garden Beach

The first establishment on our list is Garden Beach, with this satisfying everything you could possibly wish for in a Tunisian resort.

Its staff are some of the most helpful around, but its unique selling point definitely revolves around its restaurant which caters for all dishes, but in the same high quality. The hotel boasts a large swimming pool, while those who want a little more during the day can wander off to the beach which is a stone’s throw away.


Skanes Family Resort, Monastir

Skanes Family Resort, Monastir

As the name suggest, this next hotel targets families who are visiting Monastir. From the moment you walk through the entrance you are greeted by staff who are happy to wait on you hand and foot, while you will also immediately notice the cleanliness of the hotel which is absolutely second to none.

Again, it resides adjacent to the beach which makes it perfect for families, although for those who don’t want to venture the few steps away Skanes Family Resort does have its own pool. It’s worth mentioning that while a lot of the marketing revolves around Skanes being a family establishment, don’t let this put you off if you don’t fall into this category. There are plenty of couples wandering around and in general, it’s just a friendly place.


One Resort Monastir

One Resort Monastir

With a name like “One Resort”, it’s really no surprise to see this hotel don our list. A lot of people reserve this establishment because of its close proximity to the airport, but in reality there are plenty more benefits on offer. Even though half of the hotel is classed as “old” having not yet been renovated, the general consensus is still that the rooms are spacious and impeccably clean.

Elsewhere, the pools will compete with any Tunisian establishment, with the kids having access to several waterslides that are open through most of the day. There has also been plenty of praise for the food; with the restaurant serving numerous dishes and the bar areas providing and endless supply of hot snacks.


SuneoClub Tropicana, Monastir

SuneoClub Tropicana, Monastir

The fact that SuneoClub Tropicana has been recently renovated makes it one of the most luxurious establishments in the region. The rooms are noticeably larger than competing hotels, while a special mention must again be given to the eating facilities which provide visitors with a magnitude of different dishes.

Just like most of the hotels on our list, this one is also situated right next to the beach. Additionally, for those who like to be kept entertained, the daytime and evening activities are second to none at SuneoClub Tropicana.


SENTIDO Rosa Beach, Monastir

SENTIDO Rosa Beach, Monastir

As the name of this next addition on our list highlights, the SENTIDO Rosa is in fact located next to the beach. Following on from this, something that a lot of past guests have praised is the accessibility of the water sports – which are some of the cheapest in Europe with jet ski experiences costing as little as £20.

The hotel itself boasts a large salt water pool, while all of the animation team dotting around the facility are sure to keep you entertained throughout. Some of the shows, with the Michael Jackson tribute being one of the most popular, are second to none and will completely make some people’s holiday.


Royal Thalassa, Monastir

Royal Thalassa, Monastir

This is another hotel which is easily accessed from Monastir airport although again, this isn’t the only reason why you would choose the Royal Thalassa. Most guests are amazed at the size, and amenities included, in each of the rooms.

The beds appear to be significantly larger than rival resorts, while you’ll be presented with a flat screen TV, fridge and a picturesque view of the beach on the door step. In terms of the cuisine, the Royal Thalassa serves a much more varied menu in comparison to fellow all-inclusive resorts and this was particularly impressive for a lot of guests.


Sahara Beach, Monastir

Sahara Beach, Monastir

Again, the name gives everything away about the Sahara Beach. The beach is literally on the doorstep and this makes not only for plenty of daytime activities, but also some purely stunning views.

This is one establishment where everything appears to be on-site; from beach, to pool, to water sports. As such, it’s perfect for those visitors who just want to relax on their escape, and not spend their holiday travelling from location to location as they try and fill their days.


Amir Palace, Monastir

Amir Palace, Monastir

Some hotels are given luxurious tags out of nowhere, but the term “Palace” really does describe this next addition on our list to a tee. Amir Palace doesn’t look like any other hotel in Monastir, its architecture is exactly like that of a palace and has some stunning outdoor features.

It would be fair to say that this hotel isn’t particularly suited to those who want to experience a bustling party scene, but more those who are looking for a quiet and relaxing stay. With that being said, there is a vibrant animation team available for both the daytime and evening if you do want something to fill your time.


Hotel Regency, Monastir

Hotel Regency, Monastir

This is a hotel that attracts a whole array of people; from young to old. The La Pacha disco is renowned, but the animation team are also keen to provide for more relaxed events and are happy to put together schedules for those visitors seeking this.

The service at Hotel Regency is particular impressive and whether you are by the pool, stood by reception or sampling one of the tasty dishes at the restaurants, there are umpteen staff happy to wait on you in every possible way.


Ramada Liberty Resort Hotel, Monastir

Ramada Liberty Resort Hotel, Monastir

The final resort on our list comes in the form of Ramada Liberty Resort Hotel. It’s another establishment that boasts plenty of benefits; from the clean and spacious rooms right the way down to the impressive outdoor pool.

Again, the entertainment team appear to pull out all of the stops during both the daytime and evening, with some of the dancing shows being worth a mention for those looking for something to fill their evenings.

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Top 5 Luxury Boutique Hotels in Djerba Island

Based just off the coast of Tunisia, it would be fair to say that Djerba Island has caused quite a stir amongst tourists over the last few years.

It’s regarded as a destination which visitors find so seductive, that it’s almost impossible to leave. Djerba is nowadays the top destination for luxury tunisia holidays.

Bearing the above in mind, it won’t be surprising to see that there are numerous luxury hotels to suit the picturesque surroundings.

Here, we take a look at the top five which you should be looking to stay in if you are looking to take the “boutique experience” on your travels.

Pictures are courtesy of TripAdvisor.

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Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba

The first establishment on our list is situated right beside the beach, meaning that sea views are commonplace. Naturally, this isn’t the only pulling point of the Hasdrubal Prestige Thalassa & Spa and anyone staying here will be subject to exquisite cuisine, which is probably some of the best around, whilst also benefiting from some first class service from the attentive staff.

Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba restaurant

Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba room bed

Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba entrance

Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba pool

A special mention should also be given to all of the swimming pools that are available at this resort, with guests having access to a salt water pool, fresh water pool, Jacuzzi and sulphur pool.

Unsurprisingly, this means that Hasdrubal Prestige Thalassa & Spa is a firm favourite with children.


Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba

Located beside the beach and a convenient ten minute drive from the airport, this is another hotel which offers visitors an array of excellent facilities. The pool in particular usually attracts plenty of attention, with its surroundings being completely exotic and making for an utterly relaxing stay.

Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba spa

Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba reception

Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba pool beach

Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba room

Additionally, and this is in contrast to some other establishments in the region, Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort contains an indoor swimming pool which is ideal if you are visiting in the off-season.

Naturally, for a reputable establishment, the service at the hotel is beyond what you would expect and this again adds to the relaxing, and luxurious, experience.

The food is something else that is particularly impressive and if you can make it to the hotel’s Neptune restaurant, make it your priority to sample the grilled fish which has become renowned amongst past visitors.

The fact that dishes such as sushi are regularly served should hopefully highlight the variety that can be obtained at the Raddison Blu Ulysse Resort as well.


Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden

There are some hotels which just ooze sophistication when you first arrive, and the Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden certainly falls into this category. It’s hardly traditional architecture, but it certainly captures your eye and the domed roofs and surrounding pools are enough to whet any holidaymaker’s appetite almost instantaneously.

Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden pool night

Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden hall

Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden room bed

Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden

It’s clear that aesthetics are something that the management of the Hotel Riu Palace Royal Garden pride themselves on, with the gardens being particularly pleasant and contributing to the calming and relaxed atmosphere.

Like most of the hotels that have been covered through this article, the food is also impressive and different dishes are always been served up. Guests certainly won’t become bored with the menus, while it’s possible to visit both a Tunisian and Italian restaurant depending on your preference for the evening.

There is also a beach located right beside the hotel, meaning that it is another example of an establishment where you’ll rarely have to venture away from during your stay. In fact, if you were to question most guests who are staying there, you’ll probably find that a large quantity are repeat visitors – which simply emphasises its reputation.


Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa

This might share a similar name to the previous entry, but it is in fact located in a different area of Djerba. This establishment certainly lives up to its luxurious tag in every way possible and benefits from everything from picturesque sea views, right the way to its own private strip on the beach.

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa pool

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa spa

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa room bed

In regards to the latter, this section of beach is as good, if not better, than the public sands – with the hotel clearly maintaining the area so that its guests can benefit from the added privacy. This is a hotel which is renowned for its entertainment packages and the staff are very accommodating for guests of all ages.

Children have a wealth of activities during the day, while during the evening there are slightly more mature events for the adults to engage in.

With the name of the hotel featuring “spa”, this should receive a mention as well. It once again adds to the overall luxury, with many past guests impressed at the range and quality of treatments that were provided.

Such examples include your basic massage, facials and of course the standard beauty care.


Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa

When we talk about hotels being perched on the beach and enjoying views, none will ever compare to the ones that are available via the Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa. Additionally, if you do take the plunge and venture to the sea which is just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find that the sea water is some of the warmest around.

Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa pool

Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa spa

Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa hall

Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa room

Even an evening stroll can prompt warm water to rush around your feet, which makes the surroundings completely romantic. It would be fair to say that the staff at the Hotel Telemaque Beach & Spa are beyond attentive, they make the mood at this establishment one of the most enjoyable around.

There’s always singing and dancing and the general feeling is that each and every one of them is trying to get the visitors into the relaxed spirit. As you may have gathered from such fun-loving staff, the entertainment on offer is also impressive.

There’s a regular disco, while there are shows that appear to be donning the schedule on most nights. In short, this is a hotel which combines luxury and fun to create the ideal package.

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10 Most Popular Hotels in Tunis

Being the capital of Tunisia, it’s no surprise that the tourism industry of Tunis is absolutely buzzing. The fact that it also happens to be the largest city in the country obviously helps matters as well, with both of these factors resulting in a high demand for hotel accommodation from visitors.

tunis hotels

Fortunately, Tunis is well equipped to provide for such needs. There are hoards of hotels available, from traditional to tourist-friendly, and we’ll now take a look at the most popular ten in the region.

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Pictures are courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Hotel Belvedere Fourati

Hotel Belvedere Fourati

It might not hold the flashy appeal that some of the other establishments possess further down our list, but Hotel Belvedere Fourati is seen as one of the best hotels in the area simply because of its atmosphere. It’s not owned by a large hotel chain; it’s instead family-run and this is evident through every aspect.

Staff will remember your name and requests on instant and it’s for reasons like this why it attracts so many repeat guests on a year-on-year basis. Of course, there are other features as well as the staff, with the rooms being of very good quality, the location being excellent for local amenities and the restaurant serving fine food for a host of cuisines.


Grand Hotel de France

Grand Hotel de France

This hotel is actually classed as one of the budget options in the city – but don’t let that dissuade you from opting for it. While the term “budget” is hardly something that regularly basks accommodation in glory, in the case of the Grand Hotel de France it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever.

It’s situated perfectly near Avenue Bourguiba, whilst also being within walking distance of all of the local travel provisions. All of the rooms are spacious and clean, as you would expect, while the staff are always on hand to help with any queries you may have.


Le Corail Suites Hotel

Le Corail Suites Hotel

In comparison to the previous two options, it could be said that Le Corail Suites Hotel is a lot more of a modern offering. Everything from the lobby room to the guest’s rooms is draped in contemporary decorations and this naturally provides visitors with a great outlook from as soon as they walk through the doors.

Once again, the front desk staff deserve a special mention at this establishment, while the location will suit anyone who is looking for quiet accommodation within a short drive of the airport.


Hotel Tiba

Hotel Tiba

Hotel Tiba is seen as one of the more traditional hotels and is another budget offering in Tunis. It’s located conveniently from the city centre, which makes it ideal for any tourists who want to experience the real hustle and bustle of the region, while most rooms will be provided with a balcony to look over the surrounding areas.


Ibis Tunis

Ibis Tunis

The Ibis brand has made significant headway all over the world, with its budget yet contemporary offerings being suitable to any traveller. The one in Tunis is no different and provides guests with everything they could wish for a visit of this type.

It’s situated just fifteen minutes away from the Medina and the fact that it’s practically a brand new building makes it already seem like very good value for money. This is emphasised when you also take into account the free Wi-Fi and parking that guests are provided.


Tunisia Palace

Tunisia Palace

As you may expect from something with a name like ‘Tunisia Palace’, this is a hotel which prides itself on a traditional service. Some of the deco is completely outlandish, and don’t be surprised to see splutters of gold and other wild decorations all over the lobby areas.

However, this just adds to the Palace’s charm and with the hotel also being located within walking distance to the Medina, it will prove to be an ideal establishment for a lot of guests. As well as the luxurious architecture, Tunisia Palace is also seen as a hotel which provides some of the best food in the area, with its menu being hugely varied and applicable to most tastes.


Carlton Hotel Tunis

Carlton Hotel Tunis

This is another example of ‘location, location, location’, with the Carlton Hotel Tunis being situated within walking distance to all of the main attractions such as the famous Medina.

The establishment has undergone something of a facelift over the last few years and that is obvious from the quality of the finishing’s, with the rooms being some of the best in Tunis. Some of the rooms also arrive with a terrace, while the owner is actually American educated which means that he is completely approachable to tourists!


Novotel Mohamed V

Novotel Mohamed V

This is another one of the big hotel chains to have donned Tunis, although Novotel is another brand who seem to have got their establishment spot on. As you would expect with this chain, the rooms are of a high and modern standard and will be a perfect fit for most visitors.

Similarly, the breakfast is worth a mention and will be perfectly adequate for most visitors, while the staff are always on hand to deal with any queries.


Les Berges du Lac

Les Berges du Lac

Les Berges du Lac is regarded as one of the more premium offerings in Tunis and the fact that a lot of the rooms overlook a picturesque lake is sufficient for most people to return to the hotel. It also happens to be situated close to a lot of restaurants, although those who want to stay “in-house” will still benefit from a food service that is perfectly acceptable.

Les Berges du Lac is one of the hotels in Tunis which includes its own spa as well, and this is probably the reason why it has been handed its 5* rating.


Hotel le Consul

Hotel le Consul

Boasting spacious rooms and decent eating facilities, Hotel le Consul seemingly targets the business community more than the typical tourist. Nevertheless, it still contains its own spa and gym facilities which will appeal to most visitors, while the staff are particularly friendly and will do what they can to enhance your stay.

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Top 10 Hotels in Hammamet

If you’re looking to pay a visit to Hammamet for your next vacation destination then you should consider checking out the top 10 destination spots to go to.

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Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa

This is one of the best hotels that you can visit while you are in Hammamet because of the amenities that are available. You can expect to pay a high price here, but the amount of money that you would pay to stay here is certainly worth the activities and the courteous staff that is there to make you feel comfortable and at home. The pools are salt water pools and there are plenty of activities that you can take part in while you are staying at this hotel. Some of the other things that you will be able to experience while staying in this hotel are the huge balconies, Tunisian food, belly dancers, and the beautiful beach nearby.

Hotel Riu Palace Oceana Hammamet

Hotel Riu Palace Oceana Hammamet

If you want to experience true luxury then you might decide to make your home away from home the Hotel Riu Palace Oceana Hammamet. Here you will experience the luxury of wide spacious rooms, great tasting food, and friendly customer service from those who work in the hotel. Each room has a personal chamber maid who caters to your needs and keeps your room nice and tidy. The entertainment here at this hotel is superb and top notch. You can watch belly dancers perform, and pianists play music, and more!


Sentido Phenicia

Sentido Phenicia hammamet

Sentido Phenicia is just one of those hotels that you stay in and you will want to come back again and again to stay each time you visit Hammamet. Yes—this hotel is just that wonderful. The hotel has recently experienced some new and wonderful renovations to add an advanced and better look to the interior of the hotel.


Holiday Village Manar

Holiday Village Manar hammamet

The location of this hotel is one that has very beautiful surroundings. Its location sits right on the beach so you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and the sand. The food at the hotel is fresh and very appetizing. There are plenty of wonderful food choices on the menu. If you plan to use the swimming pool then you have fresh towels already prepared and sitting out for you on the lawn chairs. It’s a great hotel option for those who have kids in their families because there is a kids club located there.


Russelior Hotel & Spa

russelior hotel spa hammamet

Russelior Hotel & Spa is a truly marvelous place to stay. The architectural design and the luxury of the place will leave many in awe upon the first few moments of entering. The staff of the hotel is very professional and they will assist you with just about anything. Although it is not located right on the beach; the luxury of the hotel alone makes up for this. There is a beautiful pool area with gardens and palm trees surrounding.


Sentido Aziza Beach Golf & Spa

Sentido Aziza Beach Golf & Spa hammamet

There is so much to this wonderful hotel, which means that you will be kept busy with plenty of activities to get involved in. The hotel is a great place to watch a beautiful evening sunset. Upon arriving there, the servants are very attentive. The rooms are always kept nice and clean and the restaurant which is located within the hotel offers a nice meal selection.


Magic Life African Imperial

Magic Life African Imperial

If you have a young family then this hotel is a very ideal one to stay at. It’s safe, and the pool area and hotel grounds are maintained very well. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied there. Many people enjoy playing a game of beach volleyball. You can enjoy some fresh fruit or omelets for breakfast.


Iberostar Averroes

Iberostar Averroes hammamet

This hotel is one that you truly must see for yourself to be able to appreciate. You can have a drink in the evening at the pool bar with your friends or significant other. You will also find that some of the best food is served at the Iberostar Averroes according to many people who have stayed there. There are balconies included in all of the rooms where you can step out and enjoy a beautiful view of your surroundings. The areas of the hotel are very large and spacious.


Hotel Riu Palace Hammamet Marhaba

Hotel Riu Palace Hammamet Marhaba hammamet

This wonderful hotel offers a great view of the sea. Enjoy a spacious and comfortable stay while you are there; you won’t want to leave! In the hotel rooms there are hair dryers for you to use, and dressing tables.


Sindbad Hotel

Sindbad Hotel hammamet

Enjoy clean spacious rooms at this wonderful, yet luxurious hotel. There is also a private beach nearby that you can spend some time at, sunbathing. Each day there is a wonderful, delicious meal awaiting you. What more could you ask for?

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Sahara Beach Hotel

Comprised of three buildings, seven stories high, the Sahara Beach Hotel is a true vacation resort inMonastir.



  • Warm greetings, day or night
  • Hairdressing salon, TV lounge
  • WLAN Internet
  • Satellite cable TV
  • Balconies
  • Safety deposit boxes

Sahara Beach Hotel

The Sahara Beach Hotel is located only 4 km from the Monastir Habib International Airport. The Hotel is creatively built on almost fifty-five acres of plantings. Guests can stroll along the lanais and lawns dotted with umbrellas and lounge chairs. The lounge chairs extent onto the beach, where beach volleyball is waiting.

The Hotel boasts a beautiful trio of pools. The central pool is impressive with palm trees, islands and even a pool bar. Water aerobics are available as well as:

  • Basketball and volleyball
  • Bowling and miniature golf
  • Archery
  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis and pool
  • Darts



Children will feel important with the inclusion of their own playground, games room and kids club. There is even a special pool for children.



The Sahara Beach Hotel pampers their guests. Each room is clean, comfortable and contains modern amenities such as Internet and Satellite cable TV. Standard rooms can easily sleep up to three adults. Family rooms thoughtfully have adjoining doors. Clean, free of clutter and serene, your room is conducive to sleep. Mornings provide a quiet moment to enjoy the view through the balcony.


The Hotel caters to each guests’ particular tastes by including many styles of food. Restaurants focus on plentiful and savory foods, one specializes in International flair. For finicky eaters, there is a pizzeria or crepes.

There are eight bars dotted around at the Hotel – even a piano bar. Live entertainment, with a hosting DJ, is provided at the disco, perfect for dancing. The Hotel hosts lively entertainment shows and sports tournaments.




The hotel is conveniently located near Skanes beach. The beach is perfect for water sports. Equipment can be easily rented for a great day in the water.



The nearby town of Monastir has beaches, golf courses and a thriving Medina. Charming Sousse is also nearby, and boasts a popular sports activity center, casino and nightclubs. Exploring the area is convenient with car or taxi rentals.

The Sahara Beach Hotel has created an innovative resort for you and your family, filled with every imaginable activity, food and comfort for a wonderful stay.

The 10 Most Unique & Unusual Hotels in Tunisia

If you’re looking for a holiday in the sun, you can’t go too far wrong with Tunisia. With a great variety of landscape – from the Sahara desert and salt lakes to lush valleys and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it is an increasingly popular tourist destination. As such, there are many hotel options available to the traveller. Below are some of the best.


Hotel Marhala

The Hotel Marhala offers something really different. Located in Matmata in the central southern area of the country, it is one of the best cave hotels in the country. Dating from the fourth century, when the Berbers constructed an underground town, this hotel offers modern convenience in a truly ancient environment.


 Hotel Marhala
Hotel Marhala, Matmata in Tunisia


Dar Said

Located in the village of Sidi Bou Said on the outskirts of the capital Tunis, the Dar Said is an elegant mansion that has been converted into luxurious accommodation. It is in the middle of a jumble of whitewashed buildings that are scattered on a hill and offers great views over the sea.


dar said sidi bou said tunisia
Dar Said, Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia


Dar HI

Located in Nefta, near the Algerian border, the Dar HI is very green. It uses water from the nearby oases and clever use of ventilation to avoid air conditioning. All the hotel staff are locals and the restaurant is renowned for its authentic cuisine.


dar hi
Dar HI, Nefta – Tunisia


La Chambre Bleue

For exclusivity in the heart of things, try this one-room hotel situated in the centre of the medina at Tunis. Decorated in blue tile, you can experience the ancient walled city by day and night


chambre bleue
La Chambre Bleue, Medina – Tunis


Dar Dhiafa

Djerba is an island of the south coast of Tunisia popular with tourists, and the Dar Dhiafa is the most luxurious accommodation on the island – a conversion of five adjacent houses dating back to the 16th century.


dar dhiafa
Dar Dhiafa – Tunisia


Sofitel Palm Beach

This upmarket hotel allows you to explore the town of Tozeur, which being in the south is an ideal destination at any time of year. All modern amenities combine with a great location by canyons in the desert.


Sofitel Palm Beach, Tozeur – Tunisia



Located in Zarzis, the Odyssee is one of the premier resort hotels in Tunisia, with stunning gardens, a huge pool and great local food.


odyssey hotel
Odyssey Hotel, Zarzis – Tunisia


Hotel Claridge

In the port town of Sousse, renowned for its medina and its mosque, the Hotel Claridge offers the slightly faded glamour of a former age.


claridge sousse
Hotel Claridge, Sousse – Tunisia


La Residence

This is the place to stay for some luxury on your arrival in the country. One of the top five-star restaurants in Tunis, it is less than half an hour by taxi from the airport.


residence marsa
The Residence Hotel, La Marsa – Tunisia


Villa Didon

Also in Tunis, this is one of the most fashionable hotels in the city. With floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows, views over the sea and monochrome interiors it offers modernist style in luxurious surroundings.


Villa Didon, Carthage – Tunisia