Top 10 Hotels in Monastir, Tunisia

Venture into any travel agent shop and you will soon see that Monastir, is one of the most sought after short-haul destinations. It has managed to attract huge numbers of tourists spending luxury holidays in Tunisia, whilst still managing to retain the traditional appeal that made it desirable in the first place. Considering its appeal, […]

Top 5 Luxury Boutique Hotels in Djerba Island

Based just off the coast of Tunisia, it would be fair to say that Djerba Island has caused quite a stir amongst tourists over the last few years. It’s regarded as a destination which visitors find so seductive, that it’s almost impossible to leave. Djerba is nowadays the top destination for luxury tunisia holidays. Bearing the […]

10 Most Popular Hotels in Tunis

Being the capital of Tunisia, it’s no surprise that the tourism industry of Tunis is absolutely buzzing. The fact that it also happens to be the largest city in the country obviously helps matters as well, with both of these factors resulting in a high demand for hotel accommodation from visitors. Fortunately, Tunis is well […]

Top 10 Hotels in Hammamet

If you’re looking to pay a visit to Hammamet for your next vacation destination then you should consider checking out the top 10 destination spots to go to. Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa This is one of the best hotels that you can visit while you are in Hammamet because of the amenities that are available. […]

Sahara Beach Hotel

Comprised of three buildings, seven stories high, the Sahara Beach Hotel is a true vacation resort inMonastir.   Amenities Warm greetings, day or night Hairdressing salon, TV lounge WLAN Internet Satellite cable TV Balconies Safety deposit boxes The Sahara Beach Hotel is located only 4 km from the Monastir Habib International Airport. The Hotel is […]

The 10 Most Unique & Unusual Hotels in Tunisia

If you’re looking for a holiday in the sun, you can’t go too far wrong with Tunisia. With a great variety of landscape – from the Sahara desert and salt lakes to lush valleys and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it is an increasingly popular tourist destination. As such, there are many hotel options […]