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Sousse City Break – 7 Popular Things to Do

By land area Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa. It’s beautiful and powdery white sand beaches attract many tourists. Sousse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tunisia. There are so many different places to see and different things to do that you could spend forever here and not get finished with all of them. You do not have to worry about boredom here.

Let’s now look at 7 popular things to do in a Sousse.


1 – Beach Life

If you are a lover of beaches then you are going to love Sousse City. If you want to get a great taste of the beach with the most ease then you can pick one of the on beach hotels. There are many different resorts you can choose from to find the one that is best for your needs. You decide what you want and you will be able to make it work here in Sousse City. It’s preferable to stick to the hotels around Boujaafar beach in the city center.

boujaafar beach sousse


2 – Water Park

Do you enjoy water parks? There is plenty of fun to be had at Aqua Palace. This water park has great rates and allows you to have fun with the whole family. Whether you are ready for some excitement or just want to take time to relax. You will find something that is perfect for you when you visit Aqua Palace. The water slides, wave pool and other rides can keep you entertained all day long.

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3 – Amusement Park

Ready for a little more adventure? There are amusement parks nearby which will allow you to have fun and get out of the resort life. You will be able to find an amusement park a convenient distance away from your location. Sousse City climbing park will allow you to have a good time but also allow you to stretch your muscles and get out and about. This will allow you to feel great about the time you’ve spent. Also you can visit Friguia animal park or Hergula park which are nearby.

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4 – Shopping in the Souks

If you’ve ever had a difficult time making a decision as to what you would like to buy before then you are really in for it when you come to one of the Souks. These beautiful outdoor markets will have your senses tingling as you look at all of the amazing selections. Kids and adults will love this outing. Make sure to bring plenty of money because you will find many things you will want to take home.

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5 – Enjoy the Nightlife

Who doesn’t enjoy a great night out on the town? You can pick from the wide variety of restaurants and bars available in the city. Enjoy the live music and nightclubs as you dance the night away. Are you feeling lucky? Don’t worry you can check into the casino and see what is happening there. Take a stroll down to the lovely marina if you want to try some fresh fish dishes.

nightlife sousse


6 – Ancient Sites

You can visit the 9th century medina which is a Unesco World Heritage site. This is where you will find the Great Mosque, the ancient 8th century fortress as well as the Archeological Museum. If you are up for a maze you can also check out the catacombs which are under the city.

grand mosque


7 – Resort to the Resort

Are you done getting out and about? Are you ready for some relaxation? Why not check out some of the amazing services your resort has to offer? You can even book a resort that has a golf course if you are into golfing. Golf is a great stress reliever and you will be able to relax as you are playing through and listening to the beautiful sounds in Sousse.

golf sousse



Whether you are a newly wed couple and you want to be able to spend time alone together or if you are a family, you will be able to find something you are able to do together which will allow for a good time. Even single people love to come to Sousse City and enjoy a break. Whoever you are, you will be able to find a place which will fit you here.


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